Mounting Size: (110 mm BCD)
Item Id: O-14/5 110 BCD Large264001

110 BCD Shimano/SRAM Single Large Chain Ring

  • Benefits:

    Up to 10% More Power
    Up to 3 % More Speed
    Up to 12% Less Lactic Acid Build UP!
    Steel Shift Pins and ramps for crisper shifting
    Patented Design to Enhance Pedal Stroke Efficiency
    Black Anodized 70/73 Aluminum Alloy hardend to T5
    UCI Legal
    Triathlete Magazine “BEST GEAR” 2014
    Scientifically proven technology that enables athletes to ride harder, longer and faster with less fatigue. By increasing the size of the gear when you push the hardest (downward stroke) and then decrease it to get through top and bottom dead zones quickly. the principle being the force on the pedal is constantly proportional to the muscular force of the rider.

    The chain rings varying diameter alters the effective gear ratio though out the pedal stroke, producing a higher gear on the downstroke when the rider has more power and then reducing the gear on the upstroke. The ovalizatio factor is extreme, a 38 tooth ring equates to pushing a 42 tooth on the down stroke and a mere 36 tooth at the “dead spot” this translates to up to a 10% increase in power output which can result in put to a 3% increase in speed!