• The 60mm tubular is a wheelset that serious racers would want to use for 90% of their races. The rim starts off with a 23.5mm brake track which tapers out to 24.4mm at the bottom of the brake track. This angled brake track allows for very good air flow, great brake modulation, and better heat dissipation. The extra width on the brake track makes for very easy gluing of the tire and a more secure hold as well. The wider rim also makes for better air flow over the tire onto the rim which give a major aerodynamic improvement.

    The 60mm depth is great for events such as triathlons or time trials, and can also be used for road races and crits. If you spend a lot of time above 23mph then this is an excellent wheelset for you. Other situations where the 60’s are great would be criteriums if you are the type of rider who tries to break away or spends a lot of time on the front. Also, if you are riding or racing in flat to rolling terrain the aero benefit will be advantageous to your style of riding and racing. All 2013 model carbon wheels come with the new redesigned hubs. These hubs add stability, stiffness, and are better engaging. They also are optimized for whatever component group you ride to make for the strongest and stiffest possible wheel set. Info about the new hubs can be found here.


    Rim depth – 60mm
    Rim width – 23.5mm top of the brake track / 25mm at bottom of brake track
    Rim weight – 485g
    New and improved hubs for 2013
    Spokes – Black Sapim CX Ray
    Front wheel radial laced
    Rear wheel 2X laced both sides
    Black Self-Locking Brass Nipples