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Support Clean Sport Cycling Hits the Road in 2016

Anti-Doping Research is pleased to announce the embodiment of our Support Clean Sport (SCS) campaign with the formation of Support Clean Sport Cycling. We are excited to be joined by Banned Substances Control Group (BSCG) to support two teams for the 2016 Cycling season who will help us represent and grow Support Clean Sport. Our message is simple. Be a Real Athlete!

Support Clean Sport will be the title sponsor of the Support Clean Sport – Sea Sucker – Guttenplan Coaching team and a supporting sponsor of the 706P development squad. We are pleased to have the backing of BSCG in fostering Support Clean Sport and our cycling focus. The BSCG Certified Drug Free supplement certification program helps athletes find drug free nutrition products. The SCS and BSCG Certified Drug Free brands will be hitting the roads soon at a cycling race near you.

To build and grow the concept of clean sport begins with building a community and culture that embraces the concept. We are thankful for our two cycling teams that are part of our growing community and understand that athletes stand a better chance of long term success by focusing on proper training, nutrition, and dedication to their sport. While performance enhancing drugs appear to be an easy avenue to success they simply mar the athlete whether the doping is discovered or not. If you win with performance enhancing drugs you never really get the personal satisfaction of knowing it was you, rather than the drugs, that beat the rest. Isn’t that the point of being a real athlete?

Clean sport is the only real sport! That is what Support Clean Sport is all about and what our two cycling teams embody. To be a Real Athlete means to win by dedication to proper training, nutrition and hard work. That is what our two cycling teams intend to do! Are you a Real Athlete?

I am a Real Athlete, I Support Clean Sport I Win with Proper Training, Nutrition, and Dedication Clean Sport is the Only Real Sport! ARE YOU A REAL ATHLETE?

Support Clean Sport Cycling will see you on the podium, and we are going to be on top. More importantly, we are going to get there without performance enhancing drugs. Please help us to Support Clean Sport and our Cycling program and teams as we ride to for real athletes everywhere.

Anti-Doping Research and Support Clean Sport: SUPPORT CLEAN SPORT is a culture building initiative brought to you by the 501c(3) nonprofit public charity Anti-Doping Research. Clean Sport is Real Sport and Real Athletes win without having to turn to banned substances. We aim to give all people the ability to take part in a grassroots event and community based effort for fostering Clean Sport. We envision a world where athletes, coaches, nutrition professionals, and valued sponsors can work together to promote a future of Clean Sport through dedication to proper training, nutrition and hard work. Visit or e-mail us at

Support Clean Sport – Sea Sucker – Guttenplan Coaching:

706P Development Squad:

BSCG Certified Drug Free: BSCG (Banned Substances Control Group) is a highly regarded third-party dietary supplement certification provider founded in 2004 by renowned sports anti-doping pioneer Don Catlin, M.D., his son, industry leader Oliver Catlin, and respected Los Angeles attorney Ryan Connolly. Offering an array of dietary supplement quality control services, BSCG’s Gold Standard Certified Drug Free® program includes testing for more than 207 drugs banned in Olympic and professional sport and an additional 185 prescription and over-the-counter drugs not banned in sport. BSCG also offers label claim verification, testing for a complete suite of contaminants and audits for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance. For more information, visit or e-mail

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